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At Pearson, we’re constantly innovating and embracing new technology to help people everywhere gain access to the learning they need. Our learning tools are increasingly mobile, digital, and flexible.


MyPedia offers a complete teaching solution. Teachers can access offline, interactive lesson presentations that provide an effective front-of-class teaching solution that will simplify the time spent preparing lessons. 


Quikik is a math learning app designed for kids aged 10-14. It uses AI technology to identify gaps in learning, short videos simplify key concepts and questions reinforce learning. Children can compete with friends or Kik in short math duels.


To facilitate engaging learning, teachers are making the switch from traditional textbooks to eBooks. Discover the benefits of using eBooks in your classroom and explore our range of CAPS-approved titles in eBook format.

Are you a teacher?We have teacher presentation lessons just for you.

An integrated learning programme to facilitate effective and measurable learning MyPedia is an offline blended solution that centres around Teaching Plans that bring together core content, digital assets and assessments that enable you to deliver effective and measurable learning.

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