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The resources available on Classroom Solutions have been provided to help save you time in the classroom so you can spend more of your time doing what you do best, teaching. The website also features helpful articles and product information, however if you would like to download resources or view our online teacher’s guides you need to Sign Up as a member.

Foundation Phase

We have made all of our best-selling CAPS-approved textbooks, including Platinum, Spot On and Today, available as eBooks. Titles include digital Learner’s Books and Teacher’s Guides.

Intermediate Phase

Pearson’s range of curriculum compliant secondary school eBooks includes the popular Platinum series for classroom use and X-kit Achieve! study guides for revision throughout the year. 

Senior Phase

Pearson has a wide variety of Engineering, Finance to Marketing and more eBooks in the TVET / FET space, giving you the edge you need to excel and flourish in your chosen field.

FET Phase

Pearson has a wide variety of academic textbooks suited for FET and university level students as well as digital lecturer resources.


Pearson has a wide variety of eBooks in the professional space, giving you the edge you need to excel and flourish in the work environment. 

Are you a teacher?We have teacher presentation lessons just for you.

An integrated learning programme to facilitate effective and measurable learning MyPedia is an offline blended solution that centres around Teaching Plans that bring together core content, digital assets and assessments that enable you to deliver effective and measurable learning.

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