Pearson eBooks

Pearson's wide range of schools titles are available as eBooks

Your favourite series from Heinemann, Maskew Miller Longman and Pearson are now available as eBooks.

Our trusted CAPS-approved Learner’s Books, Teacher’s Guides and supplementary titles are available in various eBook formats to suit your needs. Access all of your Pearson eBooks in one application for a portable, effective and intuitive learning experience.

Primary School

We have made all of our best-selling CAPS-approved textbooks, including Platinum, Spot On and Smart-Kids available as eBooks.

High School

Our range of CAPS-approved eBooks include the popular Platinum and Focus series, and X-kit Achieve study guides.

Choosing eBooks

We can help you determine which eBooks are right for you and your learners. Speak to us about implementing eBooks in your school.