Primary Schools

Let learning flourish

We’re home to many of the South Africa’s favourite primary educational resources, offering teachers the best core and supplementary school resources from South Africa and abroad. We aim to help enhance your learners’ understanding and stimulate interest by providing valuable resources to encourage learner participation.


Literacy is the key to learning. Strong literacy skills enable learners to interpret information, analyse, explain, and express ideas. Whether learners are at the beginning of their literacy journey or on their way to becoming lifelong readers, we’ve got novels, reading and phonics programmes to help them flourish.

Maths & Science

Our resources are developed to ensure learners remain challenged and engaged in Mathematics and Science activities. The range includes workbooks to revise and master skills as well as dictionaries to ensure learners have a solid understanding of Mathematics and Science vocabulary. 

Dictionaries and Atlases

Our English, Afrikaans and African language dictionaries will help your learners build vocabulary and improve their language skills. The Platinum Primary School Atlas is a rich and colourful, CAPS-aligned resource that will bring Geography and History to life while introducing learners to maps.

Smart Kids

The Smart-Kids series includes workbooks, skills books, practice test books, graded readers, online worksheets, flashcards, blogs, games, and more. It is based on CAPS and aims to develop young learners’ skills in languages and Mathematics in a fun, interactive way.