Teacher Training

To support teachers in the classroom, we continue our strong tradition of excellence in teacher training. These teacher-training workshops are run across the country by our dedicated and passionate team of trainers whom are trained teachers. The workshops cover a vast range of topics relevant to teaching the curriculum.

The workshops are free to attend.

Workshop recordings

We understand that teachers are very busy and cannot always attend training sessions. That is why we have made the following recordings of past workshops we have hosted available so that you can view them in your own time.

Foundation Phase

Teaching Reading in the Foundation Phase: Reading Strategies

Presented by Nontyatyambo Mamotsau

Intermediate Phase

Grade 6

Grade 6 Mathematics: Problem Solving

Presented by Gloria Mthethwa

Grade 6 Mathematics: Geometric Patterns

Presented by Kopano Moroka

Grade 6 Natural Sciences: The Solar System

Presented by Kopano Moroka

Grade 7

Grade 7 Social Sciences: Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Floods

Presented by Martha Monnye

Senior Phase

Grade 9

Grade 9 Mathematics: Geometry of Straight Lines

Presented by Kopano Moroka

Grade 9 Technology: Gear Systems

Presented by Kopano Moroka

Grade 9 Natural Sciences: Chemical Reactions

Presented by Kopano Moroka

Grade 9 Natural Sciences: Earth & Beyond

Presented by Martha Monnye

Grade 9 Social Sciences: Geomorphology

Presented by Martha Monnye


How to navigate eBooks

Presented by Nontyatyambo Mamotsau