Primary Schools - Dictionaries & Atlases

Support learning and help your learners develop.

Inspire imagination and nurture confident young learners with our range of supplementary resources. Our English, Afrikaans and African language dictionaries will help your learners build vocabulary and improve language skills, while our atlases will bring History and Geography to life.

Platinum Primary School Atlas

This vibrant atlas supports the CAPS curriculum and has been developed by subject and education specialists who understand the needs of South African teachers and learners.


Longman has led the way in English dictionaries since 1935 and aims to provide the best dictionaries that will help learners communicate confidently in English all over the world. 


Pearson is the proud publisher of the leading Afrikaans dictionary, the Handewoordeboek van die Afrikaans Taal (HAT), helping to prepare learners for success using Afrikaans in everyday life.