Teacher thank you gifts - what you wish parents knew

The end of the Fourth term is rapidly approaching. Exams have drawn to a close, report cards are being put together and you're possibly planning a class party to celebrate the end of the 2016 school year.

One of the other things that start to happen over the last few days of school is the delivery of little thank you gifts from learners and parents. As a teacher you're very appreciative that the work you've put in is valued, and so you thank each little or big learner with great enthusiasm, even if it is the third mug or tenth box of chocolates you've received.

Often parents simply don't know what the best or most appropriate gift would be and I'm sure many of them would welcome a list of suggestions that will leave their children's teachers smiling long after the term has come to an end.

We invite you to head over to the Classroom Solutions Facebook page and share some of the good and useful gifts you've received over the years you've been teaching.

We'll then share these with the amazing parent community on our Smart-Kids page and hopefully you won't have to place another mug in the staff room kitchen cupboard.

Note: This article is written with a hint of humour and in no way do we wish to offend our readers or insinuate that teachers are entitled to receiving gifts at the end of a school year.

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