Spark a lifelong love of reading

Bug Club is a powerful whole school reading programme that combines stunning books and an incredible online reading world to hook children into a lifelong love of books and develop confident young readers.

What is special about Bug Club?

  • Rather than focusing on a single set of characters Bug Club features ‘mini-series’ of 3-10 books, offering variety to keep children engaged, while providing motivation to move up the finely-graded levels so they can access the next book in the series.

  • Bug Club is designed to appeal to today’s children, with modern book design; characters they know and love from TV, film and games; an online reading world complete with virtual rewards that can be accessed via their laptop, tablet or even smart phone.
  • Bug Club comes with Progress & Assess, giving you a wide selection of book-banded tests and tracking tools to help you really understand your learners progress in all of the key reading fluency and comprehension skills.
  • Bug Club is now a well-established reading programme, so we have been able to properly evaluate its effectiveness.

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