Digital learning

Pearson has been a trusted provider of textbooks and resources for schools in South Africa for 120 years through our Maskew Miller Longman and Heinemann imprints. We now provide schools with a range of innovative digital learning solutions designed to meet the needs of your learners and classroom.


Pearson offers your favourite school books on your PC, tablet or interactive whiteboard in three eBook formats to meet the needs of your learners – ePDF, ePub and enhanced eBook. Our enhanced eBooks allows learners to engage with rich audio and video, leading to enhanced understanding of the curriculum and better learning outcomes.

Pearson can help you determine which eBook is right for you and your learners, and how best to integrate eBooks into your classroom.

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Mobile learning

X-kit Achieve Mobile is an online web app that provides a comprehensive way for Grade 8 to 12 learners to revise key concepts and test their understanding through quizzes. Learners register and complete a FREE quiz per topic, collect badges and join the leaderboard. Helpful hints and worked solutions are provided to assist the learner.

For only R5, learners can access more quizzes and essential theory, and climb the leaderboard to become a master in their subject.

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Teachers can now use X-kit Achieve Mobile to provide Grade 8 to 12 learners with additional support and exam preparation beyond the classroom. Click here to learn more.

Digital resources to support learning

Platinum Interactive Skills Atlas provides Grade 8 – 12 learners with a personalised, interactive learning experience to understand and practise Map, Atlas and GIS skills; giving them tools they need to build confidence and improve their Geography skills. 

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The Longman-HAT Language Portal offers subscription to HAT Aanlyn. Subscription gives you access to three top-quality dictionaries. Subscription also includes a growing collection of downloadable CAPS-aligned worksheets and interactive activities, a monthly newsletter with language teaching material and a forum for Afrikaans teachers.

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Training and support

At Pearson, we offer comprehensive support to ensure the effective implementation and use of our digital learning solutions. We can help you determine how digitally ready your school is and what resources are required to start your digital learning journey.

For more information contact your Pearson Sales Representative or the Pearson Office in your province.

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