How to increase student engagement with eTextbooks

Have you ever wondered…  Why don’t students do their assigned readings? How can I increase learners’ engagement with eTextbooks?

Learner on tablet studying at home

A 2015 study looked at how an instructor’s use of eText affects student reading and learning. It found that 70% of students preferred eTexts over paper textbooks because of instructor highlights and annotations.

Technology alone doesn’t improve learning. Teachers like you, play the most important role in encouraging students to read.

When instructors actively use the eText with highlights and annotations students actually read more, highlighted more, and made more notes. In other words, when instructors engage with the eText so do their students.

With eText, you have new opportunities to connect with students, and guide their learning. When you use it to its full potential, you can inspire students to engage meaningfully with the text.

We would like to share with you a short video on how you can use eTextbooks to encourage students to engage with their reading.

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