Free online courses for teachers

Learn new approaches to teaching by acquiring the practical skills to transition from face-to-face learning to the digital classroom.
Digital learning in the classroom

With all the discomfort and hesitation around learners returning to school, teachers still need to rely on virtual classrooms and curriculums to keep their students busy and motivated.

Pearson South Africa has launched free OnThe-Gonline Professional Development courses for teachers. This easy-to-use online platform provides effective and practical training for teachers. 

Reggie Mokotsi, Executive Head of Learning Resources at Pearson South Africa says, it is imperative that we constantly create solutions that ensure learning continues for all during this period. “We have made available free digital resources for learners and parents across South Africa. We also wanted to include online training for the most crucial service to our children, and those are our teachers.” 

He adds that during training, teachers will quickly learn core concepts and approaches to teaching, and acquire the practical strategies and skills to apply them in their virtual classrooms. Courses include providing skills and tools needed to work on digital platforms.

The following four courses are available for free.

K12 Distance Learning

In this module we’ve compiled tips and strategies and embedded them in an approach for transitioning your face-to-face teaching to a digital implementation.

Digital Citizenship for Teachers

This course is designed to help you as an educator to become a successful digital citizen and to help build your learners’ digital literacy skills.

Effective Feedback

In this module you will explore the main concepts of effective feedback, examine how effective feedback is used in teaching and learning and learn strategies for providing effective feedback.

Differentiated Instruction

This course is designed to help you identify the needs of individual students in a diverse class and how to meet these needs by using a variety of grouping and instructional strategies.

How to access the free courses?

Complete the online registration form and we will send you an access code and instructions on how to access the courses.

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