X-kit Achieve presents a webinar on Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Derosha Moodley, a passionate lecturer in literature at the Pearson Institute of Higher Education, presents a webinar to help support Grade 12 English Home Language learners and teachers. It unpacks important matric exam preparation queries and themes for Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

X-kit Achieve Shakespeare Hamlet webinar

In our continued effort to help support learners and teachers, Pearson and X-kit Achieve are proud to host a webinar unpacking important matric exam preparation queries and themes for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

Derosha Moodley adores the works of Shakespeare and zealously believes in his relevance to the field of Drama within English language inquiry. In the webinar, she shares her knowledge of Shakespeare’s most filmed play Hamlet. She will provide you with guidelines to help you navigate the Hamlet section in the Literature exam.  

The webinar covers the following topics: 

  1. Revenge and Retrospect – opening remarks on the play
  2. That Prince of Denmark and his family! Character analysis
  3. Tips on answering the exam contextual question
  4. Tips on answering the exam essay question
  5. Popular themes explained
  6. Addressing your submitted questions
  7. How to use the X-kit Achieve Hamlet for your exam preparation
  8. About a Father and a Son – closing remarks on the play

X-kit Achieve Literature Study Guides

X-kit Achieve Literature Study Guides provide insight into the author and context of the writing, as well as analysis of critical themes, plots and characters. Practice exercises and answers stimulate critical thinking, and specific guidelines for writing the exam are provided, helping learners prepare for their exams.

You can find your X-kit Achieve Hamlet study guide at all leading bookstores and online retailers or purchase an eBook version on the Pearson eStore here.

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